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Earn points each time you shop and connect with Synergie Skin

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Points will accumulate in your account and once you reach these milestones, you can opt to redeem your rewards upon checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SynSociety? Plus Icon Minus Icon

SynSociety is our loyalty program that rewards our customers for shopping and connecting with Synergie Skin. Rewards include exclusive coupons you can redeem at checkout, as a thank you for your loyalty to our Clean Science® philosophy.

Can I join SynSociety? 

Currently, SynSociety is available to all customers except for those with a US postal address.

How does SynSociety Work? Plus Icon Minus Icon

As a registered SynSociety member, each time you shop and connect with Synergie Skin you’ll earn points which will build up in your SynSociety account over time. Once you hit a certain level of points, you will receive rewards coupons as a thank you for supporting Synergie Skin. You can opt to use these rewards at anytime upon checkout.

You can earn points for every dollar spent on our site (excluding for the purchase of eGift Cards), and for completing various actions, such as creating an account, sharing your birthday with us, and signing up to our newsletter. See the ‘Ways To Earn Points’ section above to learn more.

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