The Dermal Journal

10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Synergie Skin


If you’re looking to refresh your skincare routine for the new year, look no further: our formulas combine the best of science and nature for lifelong optimal skin health. Here’s 10 reasons why you’ll love our formulas, and how they’ll transform your skin: 

1. A brand philosophy you can believe in 

We’re a proudly Australian cosmeceutical brand dedicated to skin health and vitality through delivering safe, effective and evidence-based science. Each formula focuses on stability, elegance, effectiveness and delivery to ensure that you get results you can see and feel. Our clinically-backed formulas will empower you from the outside in and equip you with the knowledge you need to maintain your best skin. All Synergie Skin products are supercharged with the maximum dosage of clean and active ingredients, designed to create biological change at the source. 


2. Founded on personal passion 

As a celebrated Australian skin scientist, cosmetic chemist and published author, our founder Terri Vinson is recognised as one of the most innovative and qualified professionals in the industry. Driven to create the highest quality and highest potency products on the market, Terri harnesses her unique synergy of scientific expertise and passion for ethical beauty to formulate transformative cosmeceuticals. 


3. Complementary skincare and makeup 

Our ranges take you on an entire skincare journey from effective cleansing, to evidence-based serums and moisturisers and finishing with cosmeceutical mineral makeup. Our foundations offer breathable, buildable coverage with broad-spectrum sun protection, acting as skincare as well as makeup. 


4. Perfect peptides 

We believe that laboratory-created peptides will play a significant role in shaping the future of cosmetic science. Rapid improvement with conditions such as hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dark undereye circles, as well as dramatic anti-ageing results have been seen with the variety of peptides that we use in our face, eye, lip, neck and decolletage formulas. 


5. Stabilised vitamin A 

Hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) directly interacts with receptors in the skin cells and doesn’t need to be converted to retinoic acid like the other retinoids. According to a 2018 study in The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, HPR was found to be an effective alternative to tretinoin and without detrimental side effects. More than any other retinoid, HPR ticks all the boxes when it comes to efficacy without causing irritation to the skin, which is why we use it as our hero retinoid in Acceler-A. 

6. The mega multi-tasking niacinamide 

Niacinamide (vitamin B3) is essential in generating energy inside the skin cells, stimulating collagen, increasing ceramides and strengthening barrier function. Our products harness the highest levels of niacinamide in a serum available; we formulated Vitamin B as an essential for all skin types as it regulates oil flow, minimises skin redness, addresses lines, and reduces uneven skin tone for youthful, dewy skin. 


7. Antioxidant vitamin C 

L- Ascorbic acid is the only form of vitamin C recognised by your skin cells, and is the only form of Vitamin C to be supported by scientifically validated White Papers and clinical data. We use L-Ascorbic acid or an effective precursor called Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate (ATIP), which then converts in your skin to protect cells, boost collagen and aid tissue repair for brighter, firmer and smoother skin. 


8. Broad-spectrum sun protection

Since the number one anti-ageing and skin health product is sun protection, and we’re founded in sunny Australia, creating a gold-standard sunscreen was naturally a priority. ÜberZinc, our all-time #1 bestseller is an SPF15 moisturiser, formulated with high-grade zinc oxide which is non-irritating, anti-inflammatory and offers broad-spectrum UVA, UVB and infrared solar protection.

9. Credibility 

Our products are cruelty-free approved under the Leaping Bunny programme, backed by science and approved by our customers by way of award-winnersbest sellers and cult classics such as UltraCleanse, our gentle pH balanced cleanser. 


10. Sustainability 

We’re proud to be produced entirely on Australian shores to create jobs and support the local economy. We are committed to running an environmentally positive manufacturing system and have pledged that our Australian facility will be run entirely by solar energy by 2023. Our high-quality and ethical ingredients are cruelty-free and responsibly sourced from suppliers who show full traceability and pass strict suitability measures. Finally, our packaging uses exclusively eco-friendly materials, including recyclable varnish and aqueous vegetable-based inks, which means no laminate and no hidden plastics.